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When it comes to web development there are many important components you need to consider. The most important questions you are going to ask yourself are

  • How much Google (The Digital GOD) will like your new website?
  • Is this going to be mobile responsive?
  • How fast will your local business website be going to load?
  • Is this site going to be optimised properly and be user friendly?
  • Will the website have a great form of information flow?
  • How easy this will be for you to manage?
  • Where the site will be hosted?
  • Can your client contact you directly from the site?
  • Will there be a “Tap-to-call” option for your customers to directly call you?
  • What if you need to update some information on the new site?

Are they already too much for you to think? Do not worry. Leave everything for the professionals. We are here with all the answers and you do not need to worry for anything. Yes, one thing you surely need to think about and that is you just need to pick up your mobile and give us a call. Rest will be taken care of.

When we develop a new website we keep every necessary component in mind and keep this as simple for you as possible. We use WordPress, the most trusted and used CMS (Content Management System) when developing the website. This allows us to optimise the site and make it Google friendly from the scratch itself. We value the content of your website the most as to Google “Content is the King”.

The templates we use are premium quality and already optimised for Search Engines like Google, Bing. According to Search Engine Land, the recent data from Google shows that around 60 percentage of search today are coming from mobile devices which include mobile phones, tablets and any hand held devices. So you must need a website that fits perfectly on the mobile devices and we will make sure on that. Also when it comes to website load time, Google is moving to “mobile first” index in 2017.

We design and develop a site according to the “fact sheet” MOZ has made available to the industry and keep ourselves updated with the current trends so when you have your site ready you can be assured that it ticks all the necessary boxes.

Give us a call or email us for your requirement and We will have your product ready keeping your budget in the mind.